Incoming projects.

2013-01-16 22:37:36 by Blizzilla

Been a while since I updated here-- not that I thought anyone would really care, but whatever.

I've been working on two projects currently, one is PParreira's newest addition to his "Deliverance" series, in which I'll be reprising my two roles, and a few other minor characters (as usual). The other project is with my ex creative partner; RKrazy, where she will be animating one of my own improv sessions, which I don't plan to put on here anytime soon since I am SHY.

Maybe I should do a demo reel or something, just to show off what I can do with my voice. I dunno. I'm no Josh Tomar or Arin Hanson, but I am sure I can do something.

Anyway, thanks for the read, peace.


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